|| They have rights too ||



That word alone sent shivers down the youngers spine, he hated the thought that this man had some morals in putting the said creatures to sleep before he worked on ripping them apart. As if this disgusting vile Shinigami would offer a nice way out for the critters. Revolting. Disgraceful. How dare he stand there like this was normal, this was not okay. Not okay. No he was infuriated beyond belief with him just standing there, letting the blood drip down like it was nothing. This creature had meaning. It had a life. Had. Had was the operative word for now it was lying upon the table like some slab of meat, worthless.


He was at it again, spouting off without even thinking on the consequences, so ready to make his point across without even sparing his own safety. It was clear how passionate he was over those small creatures, wanting to protect them from the horrors of people like him. He was a monster. Those type of people who would happily do whatever they could just to further their research, it was sick what they would do to these creatures and Kirito was not going to idly sit by this time.

“They. Have. Rights.”


Three words spoken through gritted teeth as his fingers curled into a fist only to uncurl once more and then find themselves curled back up. He was shaking slightly not just from anger but also adrenaline, shouting at a Captain was punishable for sure and it was almost exciting to do as such. Deep down inside of him it was exciting to fight for what he believed in, the cause was not desirable for he hated the thought of what Mayuri did but it still did not escape the small feeling of excitement.


For a brief moment his hand almost itched towards his sword, clearly thinking on raising a sword against the Captain in question but common sense brought him back. It was completely stupid to do as such but his anger had almost got the better of him, almost pushed him to attack the twelfth division Captain. If he did not keep himself under control then he might just end up dead, it was a stupid notion and he had to keep his cool. Or at least try.  

"Yes, euthanize," he answered simply. It was odd for someone as low as him to be yelling whereas Mayuri was actually taking the brunt, or the majority, of it all, but it was not something the researcher chose to waste his precious time on. Merely, he enjoyed the struggle. At their core, all specimens were the same, and this boy was no different. Perhaps, if Kurotsuchi could play his cards right he could successfully sew his mouth shut and be done with it with no repercussions whatsoever. Head tilted in a swaying movement to the right, and if hair had been exposed it would have swung with the swift gesture. "Well, technically—" he began only to be interrupted. Eyes gave a distinctive narrow at this, and it was almost as if he was amused by how passionate he was getting. A morbidly curious voice within the back of his head was disappointed that he was not an animal. It would have been quite the dream and experience to experiment on someone as loud as he was. His eyes looked as if he were glaring, but it was hard to determine if he was truly irate or more-so faking it in order to make the subordinate feel more proud of himself. Maybe it was both, as it was never a bright idea to assume that the captain would tolerate being insulted be it on his own terms or not.

He was shaking. That was certainly something to keep in mind. Right hand immediately typed into the air that he was, indeed, shaking. It was not just from anger but, from what he could comprehend, adrenaline, as well. That was believable. He was yelling an awful lot. “Technically,” he again tried after the shout only to cut himself off when he saw the boy’s hand give a subtle twitch. It was almost as if he had sensed or knew that he was tempted to draw his sword. That was a mistake. It was a mistake to even show anger or any sort of negativity around Mayuri, because he was certain to take advantage of it in one form or another. “Sometimes, I don’t euthanize my specimens.” It was a simple, almost blunt explanation, because it was nothing to the scientist himself. To him, all subjects were the same regardless of their size, personalities, appearance, or whatever else. All of them were the same, and he treated them as borderline equals to one another all the way until their death. By then, he would press harder and harder until it was on the verge of breaking. That was what he was intending on doing with the current creature, but, unfortunately, he was interrupted by a moron. “You’d be surprised at how little they squeal once they’re pierced by something sharp,” he continued on with no intentions of specifying if he was talking about the animal, a person, or whatever else. Not once did his eyes fall on him. Instead, they moved about the room.


My, sometimes they even stop moving for a few seconds before, suddenly,” as he was talking, he was moving towards the subordinate with a lag in his step, “they start screaming, whining, and writhing.” Again, there was no context giving as to what exactly he was about it, but he did not need it. “All at once, too.” By the moment he had taken position a first feet away from the subordinate, he had the audacity of putting his arms behind him and leaning ever so slightly forward. Eyes made an effort to lock onto his, and that was when Mayuri taunted with a large grin.

it could be bad.


If there was any characteristic more that Yumichika could dislike, it was that where the captain believed he was intelligent enough to know every thought of another being—or either sarcastically so, act as though he did. He contained a sneer not so easily, least expecting such a dreadful face to appear less than an arm’s length away from him. Holding his breath he attempted a step backward, only for his shoulders to meet the wall, sneer no longer hidden. Each action Mayuri chose lessened any sort of patience in Yumichika. He was, truly, disgusted as he watched Mayuri pinch his own lip, pulling at it, eyes going opposite directions.  Despite Mayuri’s previous suggestion which revolted the 11th division subordinate, Yumichika would rather speak of anything else than the extensive moments he was held captive by a much more evil twin of himself.

Appalled by Mayuri’s actions, he attempted pushing himself further against the wall as though by some force he could slip through it and get away. This was impossible however and struggling to look in any direction but Mayuri was also undeniable. “I’d rather not say,” He answered in a hard whisper, finding it difficult to reply to any of the differing captain’s words. “It’s in the past now, not something I prefer to scrutinize.” Previously he did not sound so rude, but now his eyes squinted with distaste towards the unsettling “creature” in front of him.


He favored not to be touched by Mayuri and knew it was only a moment’s time before the captain decidedly put a finger or two, perhaps a hand on him. He endeavored an escape, slipping a foot to the side and beginning to slide while still against the wall away from Mayuri. “Captain will be expecting me any moment now, however, so I believe I should be going.” Instinctively as his bangs fell over his eye, he lifted a hand to fix the misplaced hair. He did not stumble in his words and he was not anxious at all, figuring he’d be able to easily slip out the door and avoid any sort of other confrontation even in the future, knowing that once he left the room he’d first find Kenpachi and share with him every bit of disconcerting nature that had gone on in this laboratory. 

Yumichika refused him information. Information was barely within his grasp, and, just like that, it was pulled away from him like it hardly mattered now. That was an easy and effortless way of provoking the Twelfth, and he would be certain to inform Yumichika of his aggravation in some form of another. Eyes gave a distinctive narrow at the rejection. “Is that so?” he murmured with a sort of tone that only he could muster without sounding complete. It was an odd thing to describe, but his tone did not sound exactly irate nor did it sound pleased with the information. The fingers continued tugging on his lower lip, and it looked almost as if he was ready to tear it off from the amount of anger he was currently suppressing. It was monumental the amount of self-control Yumichika currently held even when coming face to face with a disgusting individual such at Kurotsuchi Mayuri. Had the scientist more of a sense of humor, he would have complimented him with the utmost kindess. Unfortunately, his irritation was far too strong to even allow for a sarcastic compliment. “That’s too bad…” he began only to drift off.

By then his eyes slid off to the opposite side. Not once, though, did he move from the front of the Fifth Seat. He knew better. Once he was cornered, there was no way he was going to be freed so easily. “Nonsense,” he suddenly spat out as both hands slammed down their palms onto the wall that the other male was trying so desperately to sink into. “Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. You have plenty of time. I made certain that you would,” the researcher continued as his eyes glanced back and forth from hand to hand before he pulled them away from the wall. Letting his arms drop to his sides, he did not back up and actually craned his head forward. A subtle sneer showed itself upon his painted visage, and he cocked his head a bit to the left. “Stop using him as an excuse,” came out as a threat that was more-so meant to be a demand. His voice, by now, was hard to use to determine what sort of emotion, if one even dared to say he had emotions, he was currently feeling. “As I’m sure I will say more and more—” he began as left hand began to furiously type within the air. It looked inhuman and borderline twitchy as if his fingers were moving far too fast for his hand itself to comprehend. In actuality, though, it was fine. “I know what I’m doing.”

"All you have to do is answer some questions, and then you’ll be free to go,” Mayuri tried again with a different tone from previous. This time, he sounded more carefree, but it would have been both a foolish thing and a lie to say that was what he truly felt. “If not, I may have to resort to more questionable methods.”

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"You don’t know how to use context clues, do you?"


Right hand raised itself and slammed down its palm onto the side of his head. Giving a ferocious shove, his head was mashed into his cravat. His neck let forth a loud crack.

"It’s already been done." Another challenging raise of the eyebrows occurred. "Tons of times."



"Oh, you’re not dead yet? What a tragedy."


"Watch me closely."


Without further ado, he took out a chocolate bunny. Where he got it he would not disclose. Instead, he held it a fair length away from his body and put his left hand around its small hand whereas the right was firmly clutching its body. With a challenging raise of the eyebrows, he snapped its head off.

"Do ya want a chocolate bunny?" :D


"I detest chocolate.”

sticks a chocolate egg in ur nose 'v' merry easter

Without any hesitation whatsoever, he smacked the egg away before it was anywhere near his face.


it could be bad.


Yumichika had felt it unnecessary at the least to bring himself, step by undesirable step to the doorway of this laboratory; the laboratory that belonged to none other than the 12th division captain himself. For nothing other than the obligation to obey a captain’s orders when given, he had regretfully knocked on the solid door which soon opened for him. He’d stepped in with a scoff, a sling of his hair and a threatening side glance—leaving the door partially opened for nothing more than to raise irritation in the captain before him.

As Mayuri walked a surely well-worn path to the doorway in order to close it, he stepped to the side leaving a large enough space between the two of them that he would much rather be respected than dishonored, though he knew the eerie captain would more than likely invade more space than was necessary to any normal being. A roll of his eyes and a glance around the room as though he were bored proved he would rather be anywhere than where he was.

“I’m not sure if you realize, but you do not really show even a pinch of respect to my captain as you seem so concerned about,” Yumichika could hardly contain his distasteful remarks, unable to envision any reason to remain in this laboratory. “let alone myself.” He finished, patting down the wrinkles in his clothing before threading thin fingers of one hand through his bangs, as though his good looks must be retained even in front of the most unpleasant of people.


Yumichika thereafter turned to face Mayuri fully, eyes thinned with distaste as they found Mayuri’s figure. After folding his arms over his chest he began to glance around the room once more, finding repugnant objects he would have rather not saw. “I’m not sure exactly what it is you requested my presence for, but I do have things to do that would involve Captain, so at least attempt to make it quick.” He disliked the look of curiosity that Mayuri graced him with and swallowed back words of disgust as he squinted towards him. The unnerving smile that came thereafter was enough to make him cringe. 

"No one I speak to deserves my respect," he immediately regarded him with a tone of both distaste and hastefulness. In Kurotsuchi’s mind, everything and everyone was treated with the utmost equality. It just so happened that Zaraki received the more brunt side of it simply because of his very personality. "Because they’ve yet to acquire it," the scientist murmured though not truly intending on for his voice to be so low. Regardless, he had to breathe out a sigh of irritation as the index finger of his left hand curled itself beneath his lower lip. At this moment, his golden eyes peered elsewhere as he listened. "Now be quiet," cutting the Eleventh subordinate off with little to no sympathy or regards for what face he would possibly make. He heard the slight bitterness within Yumichika’s voice, but it was something that simply could not be helped at this current moment in time. Stepping away from the door, his eyes regarded the other male as more-so an edible object rather than an actual person. He supposed it was only right due to the fact that he, technically, was not a being worthy of being seen as a person in the researcher’s eyes.

There was no promise nor guarantee whatsoever that he would make this quick, and he would not bother to lie anyway. He did not respond with anything important nor any line of dialogue that would deserve this inferior’s attention. Instead, he moved closer and closer until there was only an arm’s length betwixt them. Peering up at him, his eyes were as wide as ever, and lips slowly parted to utter, “Your zanpakutō spirit.” It was a statement in itself, but it might have seemed rather vague. The same finger from before raised to, now, pinch along with his thumb his own lower lip. Without anything else to do, he tugged with a sort of ferocity that only he would be capable of doing to his own body that he no longer minded nor bothered to care about. “I would like to inquire more in-depth about it, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind discussing it,” he stated outright in a commanding tone, though there was no true need for him to sound so upfront or brash about it. However, it was in his nature to be bold. It was in his nature to be careful yet careless, and it would actually appease him to see some sort of fear spark within Yumichika’s eyes at this moment.


"Yes, yes," he started with his eyes rolling skywards and then to the right, "how did it feel to fight it, I wonder?" Truthfully, he did not care if his actions were perceived as unsettling or inappropriate. He was not touching him, so he should not care.

it could be bad.

"Ayasegawa Yumichika,” the name left from painted lips as if he had meant to throw them up instead. There was a slight moment from the scientist that called for some sort of silence, and he let it be so. They were in his office, after all, and Kurotsuchi would have full control over the situation. Eyes lifted from the seated officer’s face to the space behind him. He stared right through him and almost as if he was not someone important. In a sense, no one cold be so important to the scientist to warrant any sort of generosity or kindness. The only reason he called the Fifth Seat into his office in the first place was more-so because it was more convenient than traveling side-by-side him to the laboratory. It was a quicker process, and Mayuri was always one to think ahead to times such as these. The door was not pulled to a shut like he expected to be, and that was something that annoyed him. Standing from his desk, he made a well distanced path around Yumichika. Hand waved whatever smart comment he was sure to make.

"I expect you to treat my office with the same respect you give your own barbaric captain," he said whilst shooting a deadly glare over his shoulder. Irate over such a trivial thing, Mayuri’s anger was easy to provoke nowadays. Seireitei itself was still recovering from the rampage of the various zanpakutō, and he wanted answers better sooner than later. "So, with that in mind," the captain started in a somewhat casual voice as his hand slid the door to a full close. Hand lingered after wards, pressing its palm down onto the surface before he gazed, once more, over his shoulder at Yumichika. Words left painted lips easily and could have easily been interpretated as a threat, "I expect you to be on your best behavior." It was a warning in its purest and simplest form, and he hoped that someone like Yumichika would be capable of understanding such a simple concept. "So…" he seemed to be using that word a bit too much for his tastes, and he would be certain to rectify that immediately. Turning fully on the left heel of his foot, he tilted his head at the other male with a look of both curiosity and watchfulness.


"We shall begin, yes?”