scientific-method catches you breaking walking into his personal lab


       “Your security really is terribly lax these days, Mayu-chan~ I’ll work some upgrades when I’m done.”

"Is this how you’ll greet me for now on?"


"Truth be told, I think you should work on your social skills first.”



                     「☭」 ” Hmph, pompous shinigami you are.
                                  What puts ya on such a high pedestal? “ 

Me? Pompous?”

"I’m only such when the impression is given that I am the superior and not you. Which is, considering our circumstances, a very truthful statement.”

"Well, it seems like your little did not work on me, Mayuri Kurotsuchi"

"Trying to act cocky, are we?

"You may be alive, but you have nothing. What’s the point now?”


No, I am simply just—

     Junko was used to abuse. She usually dealt with it on a daily basis before the Phoenix’s death. It had become a routine for her, although she by no means enjoyed it. However, that could have played a part in how she was today.


     Like always, she would become silent. If he chose to hit her, so be it. She figured she’d deserve it, especially since she spoke so casually with him. If was the pink haired Espada, she wouldn’t speak in such a tone. No, that would probably earn her much more than a beating.

     Her back touched the wall, causing her stormy optics to glance off to the side, showing her that she actually had made contact with the wall. She hadn’t realized how close the duo was.

     She continued to stay silent. She paid no attention to the fingers clutching her throat nor their hold. Instead, she kept looking forward, at the painted man’s chest. She always had tone this— keep her gaze fixated forward in times like this. She assumed that he would bring her silence and stare.

     The only way to get her to speak at this point where direct questions.

The hit was direct. Of course it was direct, because it was a simple action above all else. When her back had hit the wall, he took it upon himself to twist his wrist ever so slightly, as if that was what made his clutch upon her throat tighten in the subtle movements. Eyes squinted. They then widened, almost as if they were pulsating whilst hers merely stared at him. “How useless,” he mused to himself when the response to the most simple of abuse was silence. She was akin to Nemu in the sense that she was, perhaps, too submissive, but, at the end of it all, it may have been the best for her character. He pondered of the idea of fixing those small, minor details he saw as flaws upon her person but, as if an immediate reaction, decided against the general idea. It was a waste of time. The wrist twisted more, causing his hand to push further and to grind the back of her body against the wall. Head tilted as if he were a child. His expression implied that he seemingly had no idea of what he was doing but, in truth, was fully aware of everything. He knew the ways he could kill her. He knew of the ways he could continuously break her down until she was nothing more than the worthless speck she already was. All of this depended on her ability to give answers. Eyes rolled steadily until they met hers for a brief period of time.

"What exactly is salvageable in this laboratory?" he inquired as his eyes no longer looked at her. It was too pathetic of a sight for him to swallow or, let alone, look at. She would never deserve nor would she ever hope to earn it back. "And can I take it?” the scientist asked as if that were a question that needed to be asked.


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Bleach 596: Rubb-Dolls 3


Bleach 596: Rubb-Dolls 3

His laboratory is a mess.

Too bad he is not in the mood to clean it.