"There is nothing in this world that is truly "perfect".

Happy birthday, Megan! ♥

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" WHY DIDJA JUST LET IT FALL >: ( " [spanish flea intensifies]

"Because you touched it.”



     ”Maybe you need a better sense of humor, too.”

"Oh, I can be very funny.”

"Allow me…"

"There. That’s very amusing, isn’t it?"

Mayuri-taichou I made you something! 'H ' [/gives him a stick of bubble gum.] It's science flavoured.


He does not take it. Merely, he lets her give it to thin air which, in turn, lets him watch it fall to the ground with an unsatisfying sound. The left eyebrow slowly raised before he lifted his foot, promptly stomping on her “creation” with no remorse whatsoever.



I have already been experimented on quite a lot.
   I am just w a r n i n g you of that if you are going to capture me.

     She was used to the life of being experimented on to a point where she virtually c r a v e d the touch of a scalpel slicing her open, no anesthesias, and placing things within her. She had become a d d i c t e d to things being injected into veins and things of the such. Of course, she’d would never, ever admit that to him. In fact, she didn’t even tell the Phoenix of her addiction. She was ashamed of that. It also didn’t seem that appealing anymore, especially since this man would most likely be behind the blade.

Very well.

     She was used to doing what she was told. Junko was a little obedient birdy when she was in the presence of a stronger being. She knew it was for the best to be this way. She’d rather not get off one the bad foot with him, especially since that would probably result in how drastic his experiments went on her.

     Of course, this was assuming he made her his little lab rat.

So far, things seemed to have been going smoothly. It was to be expected, considering exactly who and what Kurotsuchi was and was capable of. At the same time, however, he found it all rather boring. This was a dangerous characteristic within the scientist, but it was not like it could be easily stopped. Eyes rolled skywards in response to the way the girl spoke to him. It resembled that of Nemu’s matter-of-fact approach, and, admittedly, he could not help but to find it somewhat irritating. Obedient to a certain extent, he could tell the smaller figure was either use to such treatment or, perhaps, was smart enough. He was willing to wager on the first of the two choices. Intelligence was too kind of a reward to give to something like her. “Hnn,” he sounded out, voice akin to that of a hum with a bit more croakiness to it. “You are implying that I would be that desperate to think that I’d waste my time on something like you.” His voice, as always, was both accusatory yet calm. It was an odd and jarring combination, and that was exactly what he wanted. Head turned slowly. “Cute,” he seemed to compliment her before, suddenly, lashing out.

Nearest arm whipped forth, aiming to grab and, thus, latch its skeletal fingers around her throat. Head would turn to the opposite side, almost as if he were ignoring his own bad deeds. “I appreciate the self-confidence,” he started with his tongue touching the corners of his mouth whilst it remained opened, “but… unfortunately, you are kind of boring me.” It was not meant as an insult. It was more-so provided as a statement and, as both convenience and relativity would give, a fact. Should the capture be successful, he would only push forward until her back met with a wall, and that only then would his eyes meet hers.

Yo Daddy-O, for a shinigami, your sense of style is on the one. Show ya right.

"Is it?"


"What a shame that I do not care for your opinion."



     ”Have a heart, Scientist-san~”


"Never have I heard such irony before."

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excuse you

H’oh… Who gave you the right to speak?”

"Oh, right— Not me.”

Bleach Ch. 594: Rub-Dolls