Kisuke had something really important to tell Mayuri-san, like the fact that Kisuke hid firecrackers in Mayuri-san's Ra suit. bl Oh well, Kisuke thinks as he presses a button, lighting them off.

Thank goodness he made duplicates and was wearing a replica.

"Huh." That would have been impressive had it not been Kisuke’s doing.


"Yes, and I said "what", but I suppose your hearing has since deteriorated."


"Sad, really." He then proceeds to slide the door shut.






"I’ve summoned you all here today to make a special announcement."


"Mayuri-san is a great scientist, anyone can admit that."


"But I’m still better."



materia medica;; scientific-method


     Eugh— Her Captain didn’t look happy in the least. Minori knew well enough that the elder had far more important things to worry himself over, many regarding his Division and own experiments that he may or may not of been overseeing. He was far above her in rank and intelligence and they were both well aware of this fact. She would simply have to be exceedingly careful while in his presence, especially when her research would be in his hands. The thought of it being destroyed caused a small shiver to run up her spine.


     ”I don’t mean to cause any offence, Taichou, but I’m sure there was nothing misplaced and there were no misunderstood components of my experiment… I’ve double-checked it and triple-checked it, four and five times and I still can’t find a possible error in my calculations, hypothesis or results.” She gave a small sigh, though, and after a small pause she placed the clipboard with her data in the open palm of her superior’s hand.

     ”Usually I would go to Akon-san to make sure that I don’t bother you, but I can’t seem to find him around… I’m sure he’s somewhere taking a smoke break, but I would prefer if this was looked over as soon as possible…” The last thing the Thirteenth Seat wanted was to make her Captain irritated by making it seem as if she was forcing him to look over his notes (which was truthfully impossible considering his power level verses her own), but her confusion and frustration over something that shouldn’t of existed in the first placewas overriding much of her common sense.

     She rubbed her temples in exhaustion, amber eyes tired from constantly staring over the paperwork and body sleep-deprived. “I’m sorry, Taichou,” she muttered, “— All of this is just upsetting.”

Truth be told, Mayuri was never happy. He was never truly pleased by his surroundings simply because there was always so much to do in terms of activities, especially with the time limits he sometimes gave to himself. With all of that kept in mind, it was not hard to determine and understand why there was the ever so subtle twitch of the right eye when she started talking. “Fantastic,” he sarcastically replied, mood truthfully having seen far better days. It was too late, however, for him to resume whatever it was he was initially doing. Once the clipboard was placed within his hand, his eyes skimmed through the data at first in search of any outliers. So far, there were no results, and this would be the start of the captain’s irritation. If he could not find a mistake already, surely there had to be something wrong with the methods she used. Perhaps it was excellent luck. Whatever it was, it did not stop him from looking over the data once more with a more observant eye.

"A break, huh,” he muttered in response, the word nearly dripping off his lips like fresh venom. “Duly noted.” This was more-so for him to use against Akon once he did find him and to administer the appropriate punishment. His other hand thus occupied itself by lightly rapping and tapping its knuckles against the notes. A soft thumping was heard as he lifted his sight from it and glanced at her. “Whatever.” The apology meant nothing to him. All that mattered as of the current moment was finding the mistake which he could not, for whatever reason, find. “… Preposterous,” he bit out the word a moment later before releasing a loud sigh. “What exactly did you do.” Whatever it was, it was clear that the scientist was, at least, a little wary in admitting that it was pure luck.


There went a hand pressing right against their mouth, efficiently shoving back before any detrimental contact could be made.

"I’m not interested."